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Le MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art de New York) a annoncé que 400000 images des œuvres du musée étaient désormais libres de droit dans le cadre d'un usage non commercial, y compris dans l'illustration de travaux scolaires et universitaires.

Allez voir : c'est merveilleux !! Et une ressource inestimable pour nous, les profs...


The Monuments Men at the Met: Treasures Saved During World War II

The Monuments Men were 345 men and women, representing thirteen nations, who volunteered for service in the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program, or MFAA, during World War II. James Rorimer, a Monuments Man who eventually became the Met's director, played a pivotal role in the MFAA's efforts.

In a race against time, and under mandate from President Franklin D. Roosevelt and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, this group of unlikely heroes—museum directors, curators, art scholars, educators, artists, architects, and archivists—risked their lives on the front lines and worked tirelessly to protect Europe's monuments and greatest cultural treasures from both the destruction of the war and seizure by Hitler and the Nazis. Without vehicles, typewriters, or full authority, they managed to track, locate, and return more than five million looted cultural items. Their role in preserving these treasures stands without precedent.

Use the following itinerary, complemented by writings from Monuments Men historians and James Rorimer himself, to discover eleven works of art that narrowly escaped destruction and were restituted to their rightful owners. Without the courage, determination, and foresight of the Monuments Men, these important paintings would not be in the Met's collection today.

This itinerary was produced in conjunction with the February 2014 release of the feature film The Monuments Men.





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